Maldives is a place where everyone should visit


After the horrific events of Boxing Day 2005, the Maldives refused to allow the tsunami to defeat it and regained its former glory. Despite the fact that 99% of the Maldives are covered with water, and the islands themselves – just 6 feet above sea level, the Maldives remains a stunning point that everyone should visit at least once there.

The Maldives has for many years been one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Indian Ocean. The introduction of cheap flights from various UK airports and the abundance of good quality and affordable accommodation has opened this collection of around 1000 coral islands to those who want to see the world. Many of these islands are reached from Male by speedboat, as familiar in the Maldives as cars are in the western world. Travel can range from 20 minutes to 2 hours, although for longer periods and those of us who don’t own sea legs, it’s just as easy to deliver a sea plane to our chosen island. Attracting a holiday on the beautiful safe beaches all year round with warm sunlight and passing in the crystal clear blue sea to inspect the shells of tropical fish many of us found ourselves resisting.

About 100 of these coral islands are for visitors, who usually have only one hotel on each island. Some have become very sophisticated with flaws such as air conditioning, swimming pools and luxury spas, choice of restaurants and entertainment, while others have retained the typical “no news without shoes” flavor of the Maldives with thatched roofs, open-air bathrooms , unheated water and few facilities. The ingenious introduction of building small bungalows in the fields at sea, which still clung to the mainland, proved to be a winner and far from screaming from my country house, stepping on a sunny evening of our private bungalow on 5 or 6 wooden steps in a belt of high warm water was something to see .

Surrounded by crystal clear water it is no wonder that these idyllic coral islands are among the best places for diving in the world. It is a place to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and take part in some of the many activities that take place in your spare time.

The rare beauty of the magnificent underwater world has made these islands one of the most enchanting dives in the world. There are many diving spots that cater for divers of all levels, providing the opportunity to explore nature under the sea, and if diving is not for you, there is the idea of ​​a reef idea for scuba diving where visibility sometimes exceeds 50 meters. Swimming and scuba diving – in the best cases, when the water is calmest, usually in December – to April, when rainfall is minimal. Precipitation is at the maximum of the southwest monsoon, usually from May to November. The temperature throughout the year remains around 30 degrees heat.

Just returning from a relaxing week, lying in the sun and mingling with fellow leisure makers, I was happy to realize how many people think they’ll just walk around the local town or go to various local restaurants. It’s just not the type of place to enjoy this pristine natural environment, as it means there’s no adaptation to a local license for a bottle of rum or save your penny and go to a local cafe for lunch. Because of the need to these tiny islands almost everything has to be imported, and many extra expensive ones can be expensive, but for a lot of things in the UK you can pay in advance and I assure you you can swim in warm blue waters among tropical waters for a small price. fish and experience the pristine beauty that makes the Maldives a destination that everyone should visit.