Hotels in Las Vegas with the best family pools


Every year my boys can’t wait for our annual family vacation in Vegas. This year it will be our 7th year. A lot of people disagree that Vegas is a good place for families with kids, but we love it. My husband and I are not gamblers and do not drink, and we enjoy spending free time with two boys.

Las Vegas has a lot to offer besides gambling and nightlife. Every year there is everything you can see and experience.

We usually visit Las Vegas every September right after the weekend on Labor Day. The weather is great and we won’t wait to relax by the pool sipping cold drinks. We always choose the hotel with the best pool that is suitable for the family and we won’t get dirty looking by beating up our boys. The best three choices of our family – “MGM Grand”, “Monte Carlo” and “Mirage”.

№ 1 MGM Grand
The MGM Grand has an amazing pool. In my opinion one of the best in Vegas. You feel like you have entered an exotic paradise with lots of lush greenery, beautiful flowers, fountains and a small island connected by bridges. This massive 6-acre paradise has 5 pools, 3 whirlpools and lazy rivers. The lazy river became a hit for my family. It floats under bridges, across waterfalls and ends in a small lagoon with a waterfall that is a perfect swamp for babies and toddlers.

Admittedly, this paradise has several drawbacks. One downside is that you need to rent a tube or raft to truly experience a lazy river. I estimate the rental is $ 15 per handset per day. MGM Grand is known to hold special promotions where you can rent cheaper, for free or 2 for 1. Before you book a room, you should check the sites with coupons on MGM (just go to Google and dial coupons MGM Las Vegas in search – early Vegas is good). The second disadvantage is that the pool complex is quite far from the guest elevators. You need to walk along the promenade with shops and restaurants to get to the pool, but the walk is well worth it.

№ 2 Monte Carlo
The pool in Monte Carlo is much smaller compared to the complex of pools in Grand, but we liked it independently. They are child-friendly and that’s all that matters.

Monte Carlo offers 3 swimming pools, a hot tub and a children’s pool. If you visit Las Vegas with young children, you will enjoy the indoor children’s pool with beach chairs for children. Wave pools with 3-foot waves were designed to simulate the ocean and represent a blast for the whole family. If you want to swim, try the pool in the Lagoon. It is a nice and quiet square pool with a waterfall. My favorite was the tranquil 400 feet from Easy River Ride. There’s also a tube rental, but you can buy a tube at their beach shop for about $ 12.00, and the rental store will even blow it up. This is a real money saver for large families or stays like us longer. Once you’re done with it, why not hand the tube over to a new family.

№ 3 Mirage
The Mirage Basin is a series of pools connected by bridges and lagoons with cascading waterfalls in a tropical setting. They used to be on the slides, but to the great disappointment of my children they closed it. They offer sail rentals to swim around, but we were never needed. You can ask for free life jackets for children. The pool is located near the guest lifts just down the waterfront with several shops, a coffee bistro and an ice cream shop. If you decide to order a drink, take my advice and order small sizes. If you don’t, they will bring you a great drink with an even higher price.

Just a tip: most pools in Vegas say you are not allowed to store sunbeds by the pool, but everyone does. If you don’t, you won’t get the right place because hundreds of people have ignored you before. Live and learn.

Enjoy the kids in Las Vegas.

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